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[SALES] Some Arashi goods


I want to sell some of my precious Arashi goods since I rarely using them.
They need a new home with excellent care.
Sorry for the crappy pictures >_<
Special gift will be given with every purchase :)

The goodness is hereCollapse )

If anyone interested, please PM me or comment in the post.
Email me at amiegroove(at)yahoo(dot)com
For serious buyer only.
Method of payment: Bank transfer
Price is not inclusive of postage fee.


Nino called him K-bun T-chi-san

[info]sakuraina  said I should update my Lj.

In my opinion, there is someone needs a solo song because of his great vocal. I started to watch TOKIO for some reasons. K-bun T-chi-san is actually have a good vocal when he sing. I thought only Nagase is able to sing since he is the vocalist in TOKIO. Yamaguchi is great too when it comes to singing. Surprisingly, Taichi can dance too! When I first listen to 'Fantastipo' in the not-so-recent Johnny's Countdown, I am amazed at how good Taichi is at singing. Behind Tsuyoshi's voice, I could hear Taichi's deep voice, which I kinda love it. That's one point to love Taichi besides his naturally cute face.

taichi should stick with his keyboard. this is what happened when keyboard is not by his side.....Collapse )

february baby; MORITA GO

hello! how's everyone doing?
now freedom is mine and i can spend the whole time away from books. yeah....text books.

Morita Go is a comedian??Collapse )



i should be worried for exam

final exam is just around the corner or to be specific it is next week. it's gonna be two weeks of exam and i need to work real hard since this is my final year before getting into the 1st degree. gahhhh......i think i need to be awayyyyy from my beloved lappy and the worst, i need to be awaayyyyyy from the fandom. i can't really focus if they are hanging around me. but can i really be away from them? i think i'll fail.

i should be studying for the big exam. instead of sitting in front of books, i am feeding my hard disk. filling every single empty spaces with dramas and movies and variety shows. not letting any GB left behind. now, i am in big trouble. i need more spaces since there's still a lot to transfer into my hard disk.

all those dramas are for the loooonggg holidays. i know i'm gonna be damn bored during holidays but now i think i'm gonna be indoors all the time. gonna be a shut-in for about 3-4 months. i have not much money to spend on shopping or hanging out so this is another reason to stay indoors. maybe i have to bear my mom's yelling all days looking at me in front of the lappy all day. i just need to be prepare for it.

i am happy for these~~~Collapse )

i need to search for part time job during holidays. i can't sit around with no money in hands and while those guys are releasing singles and albums that i cannot buy. gotta save up a lot for the lovelies. what am i thinking right now? i should think about the exam and be fully prepared for it. not thinking about part time jobs. holidays is not even starts yet. LOL!

he makes me melt

in love with yume ni ai ni~~~~

only one word; BEAUTIFUL

he sings beautifully.

in LOVE~~~~

been listening to it over and over and overrrr....

i've heard it before in hard luck hero. is it? or in the other one?


this is what happen when i got lost contact to the world of internet. no connections about a week and i'm lost. now i'm trying to get back on track and catch up on the net.

some random stuffs....

tonnes of subbed videos are released. they gonna be my homework during holidays. it's the only homework that makes me happy to finish it. now i am bookmarking them as i know, i'll forget the link as soon as i get to the other page. this is just a week i'm on hiatus but fansubbers are great! their releases make me happy. as expected, i can't get away from the net, LJ to be specific.

GANTZ. it takes 2 years to wait for the movie to be out. yeah, the production is brilliant, announcing it early, making us wait for 2 years. 2 years man! but i think it's worth it to wait because it's gonna be 2 sequels. 2 movies in a year. all the best nino! and yeah, to all the production staffs. she's gonna be there too! she's really......cute and looks gentle. she is YURIKO YOSHITAKA.

what else?

uh...sho's anan photoshoot reaaaalllllyyyy make me feel uneasy. i just can't listen to his voice. even worst, i can't look at him. it....feels...weird. what happen to me? he's not even my ichiban but why....*sigh* maybe it takes time for me to get back the normal image of sho.
speaking of sho, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! stay genki.

p/s: currently listening to TAKE ME FARAWAY. i feel nostalgic. the image of AAA 2208 screening is still fresh. i can hear the screaming...

it is almost zero clothes

sho's fever is in.

need proof?

my friend page, naked sho is everywhere.

i can say that they were spamming the entire page.

lots of icons and wallies are up.

those people are fast.

no, i don't dislike them.

thank you for making those wonderful icons and wallies.

it's just that, rimas! haha...

luckily he's not with a girl.

if he shoots with a girl, my respect to him will change.

who's next in line in arashi? will it be nino?


it'll be a major superduper huge big besarpunye heartbroken me.

please, don't let nino into anan. don't spoil him.

there were TWO kamisen

i thought today was the greatest day ever but i guess it was not. it was totally upside down.
the thing that i've waited for such a long period had arrived and i was supposed to be happy about it.
but something went wrong and spoils my bloody monday.

let's clear everything at once. today, i've received Tonisen Kamisen DVD. as usual i got all hyped-up and can't wait to open the parcel.
but then, i noticed something is not right. there were TWO Kamisen DVDs! supposedly i should get a great service from play-asia and they shouldn't do this kind of mistake. i've reported the problem to play-asia and really hope they allow me to change the DVDs. i am sad to see Tonisen DVD wasn't there. *heartbroken* it makes me scared to buy things online for the next time.

a lesson learnt today. not to greedily unwrapped new things but to check first whether it's the right stuffs or not. another lesson learnt, don't get too hyped-up on something.

i wanna say my gratitude to the kind ryuxeen . thanks a bunch for helping me buying the DVD. i owe you a lot.
while all channels are showing concerts that i don't really interested in unless if it is Johnny's Countdown, i was stuck with this old clip from GeI.
keyhole is stuck since evening and i can't watch the countdown. *damn!*
so i'm just patiently wait for tomorrow. there must be someone will uploads them.

let's start the precious 2010 with this

this man is really is somethingCollapse )


unstoppable tears

yesterday my eyes hurt.
they were swollen and it seems like i'm crying a lot.
yes, i've been crying these 3 days since friday.
it's not that i have a BIG HUGE problems or i've lost someone i loved.
i'm bad at covering up when i cried.
i can't hide it when i cried.

the title says SMILE, but i can'tCollapse )
gahhh...weekend full of crying.
gotta have a more colorful weekend since new year is near.
byebye namida-kun....